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At Excel Careers, our mission is to empower people with knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s dynamic world. Our professional and experienced staff is committed to creating an environment of learning and creativity and giving their best to every student. Our flexible delivery of courses gives you the opportunity to learn and grow even in your busy schedule.

Our primary objective at Excel Careers is to provide excellent education to all our students who come from all walks of life. We work hard with you to ensure that you are well trained in your chosen area of study.

Why you should study at Excel Careers

  • We offer a great degree of flexibility to our students.
  • Our commitment is to provide high quality classroom training and specialised practical training in the chosen area of study.
  • We support you throughout the course and will assist in organizing work placement for you.
  • Successful completion of courses will make you job ready.

Expression Of Interest

Career in
Aged Care and
Disability Sector

Aged Care and Disability care are among the fastest growing employment sector's in Australia. There is a nation-wide demand for skilled workers in these sectors mainly due to the fact Australia has a ageing population. For people who choose Aged Care and Disability sectors, it is a personally rewarding career with excellent job prospects which offer stable and long term careers paths.

There are numerous benefits and rewards in the Aged Care and Disability Career. Here are a few:


In SchedulesThe nature of this ​industry is ​such that it ​required workers during all hours of the day. ​Hence the care workers​ can choose what hours suit them best and give their availability accordingly.

W​ork EnvironmentAs a support worker, jobs are found in at variety location: aged care or disability care facilities, or at the client' home itself.

In CareerWith many opportunities to choose from, support workers get the chance to grow in their field of work. The career is a portable one, with skills which are almost the same around the world.


There are always openings for support workers. Aged Care and Disability sectors are one of the few careers that have endless job opportunities.


Aged Care and Disability sectors offers the workers quite competitive pay. With hard work and experience, support workers can expect to earn well.

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