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When you enroll with us for any course, we provide you with study aids in the form of course material and access to our resources of books and trainers to help you complete your course. This ensures you have assistance at every step and you move forward towards achieving your dreams with us. We are committed to provide the best training to you so that you excel at every step in your journey towards a long and rewarding career.

Some of the highlights of our student support are:

Industry oriented courses:

At Excel Careers, we offer courses which are directly related to the job market. You learn what you need to learn and pick up skills required to adapt to today’s dynamic job market. We strive hard to ensure that you get the best knowledge and training required to succeed in your role.

Flexibility for your comfort:

Our courses come with a lot of flexibility so that you can complete them at the comfort of your home. You can also walk in to office during normal office hours and meet a trainer to get answers to your queries which you may have. You can also contact by email or phone call.

Premium standard of education:

Providing the students with the highest level of study experience is our top most priority. We don’t compromise in any way when it comes to maintaining high quality training standards in terms of study material and study aid. We ensure that we are in sync with the latest resources and training aids so that our students have the best resources at their disposal. Our course work is updated on a regular basis so that the students are trained with the most recent developments in the industry.

Flexible learning:

This is perhaps the most important feature of our courses. It is totally at your discretion that how you would like to complete your course. If your present work schedule doesn’t allow you to attend classes, you can study at your own pace with the help of training material provided. Remember, you can always get in touch with one of our friendly and well learnt trainer to get answer to any query which you may have. But we may ask you to attend few classes which are compulsory and need your attendance.

Student support:

We understand that you might have queries from time to time regarding the course work or any general query related to your course. You can directly contact us by phone or email or you can simply walk in at our Liverpool office during normal office hours on weekdays. We would strongly suggest that you get in touch with us over the phone beforehand to ensure the trainers are not busy taking a class on the day.

Well stocked resources for learning:

Our training facility is equipped with all the latest training material which is at student’s disposal so that they can access them anytime they like. We strive to provide our students with all we can so that their experience at Excel Careers is of best quality and that they recommend us to their friends and family in future.

Expression Of Interest

Career in
Aged Care and
Disability Sector

Aged Care and Disability care are among the fastest growing employment sector's in Australia. There is a nation-wide demand for skilled workers in these sectors mainly due to the fact Australia has a ageing population. For people who choose Aged Care and Disability sectors, it is a personally rewarding career with excellent job prospects which offer stable and long term careers paths.

There are numerous benefits and rewards in the Aged Care and Disability Career. Here are a few:


In SchedulesThe nature of this ​industry is ​such that it ​required workers during all hours of the day. ​Hence the care workers​ can choose what hours suit them best and give their availability accordingly.

W​ork EnvironmentAs a support worker, jobs are found in at variety location: aged care or disability care facilities, or at the client' home itself.

In CareerWith many opportunities to choose from, support workers get the chance to grow in their field of work. The career is a portable one, with skills which are almost the same around the world.


There are always openings for support workers. Aged Care and Disability sectors are one of the few careers that have endless job opportunities.


Aged Care and Disability sectors offers the workers quite competitive pay. With hard work and experience, support workers can expect to earn well.

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